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Best Online Certificate Courses for Online Job Hunting

There are hundreds of new and emerging fields looking for remote workers. For many of these, there are sites that will offer training, certification and Diploma courses for FREE.

Here are some of the courses Remote Caribbean Work recommends to meet current and emerging jobs in the remote field of work:

Use the links to see course info and to apply to earn a certificate to boost your remote job search resume:

Information Technology

Diploma in Information Technology Management

Boost your knowledge of modern Information Technology Management in just a few hours with this free online course.

This free online course in Information Technology management will introduce you to the core concepts and best practices of the trade. The course will also teach you how to implement and control IT in both small and large organisations. Given the importance of Information Technology management today, people with IT management skills make for highly valuable employees.

This course will bring your IT management skills to the next level, for free – Click to Access

Diploma in Computer Networking

Learn the security architecture and protocols used to keep networks safe in this free online diploma course.

This diploma course introduces you to the architecture and protocols used in network security. We explain the structure and function of local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) and examine key devices like hubs, switches and routers. These allow for efficient communication through a network and this course teaches you everything you need to know to keep that data safe from prying eyes, an invaluable skill in the Information Age.

Click Here to Get more info and get started with this course

Project Management: 

Fundamentals of Project Management

Learn how to successfully manage any project and understand important project phases and project management tools.

This free online fundamentals of project management course will teach you the most important aspects of project management in a clear and simple manner. There are certain project phases, tools, and resources that every project manager needs to know in order to complete a project properly. This course will guide you through all of them, so that you can give your project management skills, and your résumé, a boost today.

Start Learning The Fundamentals of Project Management Today

Sales and Marketing

Developing Quality Customer Service Skills

Learn the important skills to deliver excellent customer service in this free online customer service training course.

This free online course is for those who are interested in learning to become customer service representatives or are seeking to improve their skills. This customer service certification will teach you the important skills you need to learn and practice to become excellent at customer service. You will learn how to develop the right attitudes toward relating with customers, the general dos and don’ts and importance of making a good impression

Click Here to Improve Your Customer Service Skills Today

Social Media Marketing

Diploma in Social Media Strategy

Learn how an effective marketing strategy can make the most out of social media in this free online diploma course.

This diploma course provides the skills you need to become an accomplished social media strategist. We study the rise of social media and explain how to conduct and audit market analysis to help you set goals and select content, channels and platforms. We investigate how to create a social media policy and integrate marketing strategies to improve your client’s brand profile.

This diploma course teaches you how to use social media to get ahead – Start Now


Introduction to Modern Human Resource Management

Learn how to effectively manage your organization’s human resources as well as recruit and train your ideal team.

This free online Introduction to Modern Human Resource Management course will teach you how to strategically manage your HR responsibilities so that your organization can achieve its objectives and goals. This is one of the core factors that contribute to the success of an organization, as maximizing employee performance is essential for driving a company forward.

Click here to Acquire effective HR management skills to power organization-wide success, today!

Introduction to Managing Employees

Get your employees motivated and learn what it takes to get the best out of them with this free online course.

This free online course will help you learn the important steps you can take to get your employees working the right way. Managing people is often a difficult and complex task and the content in this human resources course will teach you the right things to do to get your job done, keep your employees motivated and productive, and the importance of applying the right conflict management techniques to ensure a happy working environment.

Learn the latest info about Human Resources Management by Clicking Here

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