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Quick tips to help get you hired remotely!

7 Best Practices when applying for Online Jobs

Searching for remote work can be daunting but it is not impossible to land the perfect work-from-home job.  

Follow these Quick tips to help you improve your chances of getting remote work when applying online.

1. Don’t wait to apply.

Many of us will see a job online and save it for later, telling ourselves that we will get to it on the weekend. What many jobseekers don’t realize is that recruiters will review applications as they are received and can call candidates ahead of an interview deadline.

If the job caught your eye, chances are that others are interested as well. So don’t put off sending in an application.

2. Customize your Resume and Cover Letter

While getting your application in early is important, equally important is ensuring that you edit your resume and cover letter to showcase the ways your skills and experience match the needs of the employer.

Be sure to include keywords taken directly from the job description in your resume and cover letter in order to highlight that you are the best fit for the role.

3. Less is More

While you may be tempted to apply for any available jobs that might fit your skill set, this may actually hurt your chances of getting an interview. It is better to take the time to apply for less jobs and spend more time tailoring your resume to the best fits that you find.

4. Clean up your Online footprint

Are you the funniest person on twitter? Do you post the best memes? Unless your dream job is as a comedian or managing a meme page then showcasing these things on public social media profiles may hurt your personal brand.

It’s a good idea to use your online presence to establish yourself as a professional in your field. You can do this by creating professional profiles online, building a personal website and including samples of work to showcase your skills.

It’s also a good idea to google your name and ensure that the results that turn up put you in the best possible light for employers who may want to hire you.

5. Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for online job seekers. It’s a quick and easy way to showcase your skills for free and improve your professional online presence. You can also include a link to your profile in your resume to provide employers with more information that would be available in a two-page resume.

6. Up your Skill Set with Certifications

Employers like dynamic candidates and will often look for skills and experience like project management that can transfer into almost any field.

It’s easier than ever to find free (and paid) certificate courses online that will improve your overall appeal to potential employers. Here are a few free courses that RCW recommends that you can sign up for today to get you started.

Many have an option to pay for a certificate of completion that can be added to your LinkedIn profile.

7. Don’t be afraid to reach out and follow up

If there is a company you are interested in working with, getting as much information as possible on the company can only increase your odds of being hired. Unless it is explicitly state that the company wants no calls/emails outside of the application process, the the time to call or email to follow up once an application is submitted and get to know persons in HR and their Hiring Managers.

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